To Update My Update..

2009-01-03 13:19:59 by NerdvanaStudios

So, I've been working on improving my animating skillz as previously mentioned. I've mostly been trying out a way more advanced style of lip syncing. That has gone very well so far. Unfortunately, my computer was hit by a virus, so I might lose all my files, which sucks. But I was planning on redoing most of what I've worked on so far, so animation-wise, I'm cool. But I may have to redesign the Nerdvana Studios logo, Because when I drew it, I didn't write down any of the fonts or colors that I used.
In an unrelated note, I saw the Will Smith movie Seven Pounds (it was pretty weird, and REALLY hard to follow.)
So, yeah, that's all the news for right now.
Watch out for acid rain.
-The Animator


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