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Hey! New thing!

2010-08-11 08:09:15 by NerdvanaStudios


You can watch it here.

So yeah.

Who are you again?

2010-01-12 13:24:12 by NerdvanaStudios

Hey. Just a little post to orient my vast fan base on here of what I'm doing outside NG. As you probably have noticed, I almost never make posts here, and when I do, they're mainly just to announce new animations (and lord knows THAT never happens.) So, just here to give you guys links to all the sites I'm active on. First off, we have my deviantART account, where I try to post on my blog every other day. And, if you want more frequent updates, you can follow me on Twitter, where you can learn fascinating factoids about me, such as what flavor toothpaste I use. So, those're the two sites I'm most active on, if you want more updates on the cartoons I'm working on. Also, in addition to my shameless self-promotion, I'd like to give a quick shout-out to DruoxtheShredder, a terrific voice actor who did some of the voices on my latest cartoon. :D
So, yeah, that's all I've got.
Keep on truckin'.

It has arrived

2009-11-15 17:22:17 by NerdvanaStudios

So, right now, I'm super nervous as to what people will think of it. I'm prous of it, and I put a lot of effort into it, so I hope you guys like it.
By the way, here's the link to the YouTube version if you don't want the subtitles. So, I hope you enjoy it!


2009-08-24 17:49:26 by NerdvanaStudios

Hey. So, first off, sorry for not posting here in 5 billion years. I've been really swamped with my animation, due to my breaking in a new drawing style AND a new, insanely complicated method of lip syncing. Also, I joined Twitter. So, I don't have much else to report about my animation, it's coming along splendidly, and so far I haven't run into any technical problems. I'll try to update here more in the future.
Also, stay tuned for a new short coming out (relatively) soon!
Over and out.
-The Animator

A revolution without dancing is a revoulution not worth having

2009-04-06 12:41:26 by NerdvanaStudios

Hey. So, my animation is still going very slow, but it looks pretty good so far. I am getting better at the new lip syncing style. Also, you'll notice that I deleted my website. This is mostly because nobody actually went there, and also because I'm gonna make a new site using Dreamweaver and Flash after I finish my animation (eg. never) Also, I decided to leave Flickr and join deviantART. You can find the link to my page here.
Also, I recently watched V For Vendetta and Stand By Me, and I re-watched Hellboy. I don't have that much to say about the movies other than V For Vendetta is fun to quote from.
So, that's all I can think of for right now.
-The Animator

I watched The Watchmen

2009-03-18 20:03:53 by NerdvanaStudios

Hey. (Has it really been 3 months?) So, I've done a LOT of work on my Dark Lord animation (Although I'm nowhere near completing (I haven't even gotten to the first scene with the dark lord (Man, I use way to many perenticies.))) I have been getting used to the new style of animation, but the lip syncing still looks a bit weird. Other than that, there isn't really that much else to report. So, as evidenced by the title, I watched the Watchmen movie (After reading the book, of course.) In brief, I REALLY liked the movie. I've noticed that, like Across the Universe, it's one of those movies that you either absolutely love or absolutely hate. I did love it, but I did find a few flaws in it. For example, Silk Spectre's character was really underwritten, reducing her from the actual human she was portrayed as in the book to a generic girlfreind character. The special effects, of course, were pwnsome. And I thought that
Billy Crudup was pretty good. The cinematography and sound editing, I thought, were amazing. So, yeah, that's my brief, awkward, review of the Watchmen movie, and let me just end this post by saying:
Also, if anyone knows how to pronounce Rorschach, please tell me.
-The Animator

I watched The Watchmen

"Just one of those days..."

2009-01-27 19:26:56 by NerdvanaStudios

Yo. So my animation may take a bit longer than expected, I've been having a bit of trouble with the graphics (probably due to the fact that I'm completely changing my drawing style.) But the Preloader is almost complete, and about half of the graphics are drawn. So, by my estimates, scene one should be completed by 2010. (BTW, here is a link to some concept art for one of my characters. the final version looks a lot different, but I thought it'd be cool to post the drawing anyway.)
On teh entertainment front, I've been watching a LOT of Blockhead animations (can't believe 11 was frontpaged so long...) Also, my brother recently showed me this staggeringly awesome ad for the "Black Mesa Source" remake of Half-Life 1. And, I've been thinking of buying Fallout 3, mostly because it has two things I love: graphics based on 1950s cartoons, and evil clowns.
And, on an unrelated note, I'm bummed that The Dark Knight wasn't nominated for best picture. :(
Also, speaking of awards, I just saw the banner for the Tank Awards (too bad I wasn't nominated for anything...)
Hope "Little Jerry and the Closet" wins!
Until next time...
-The Animator

'K, so we reinstalled all my programs, and now my animation is back on schedule. I hope tyhis one won't take as long as 1-19-08 did...
I think it'll be a bit better than the aforementioned cartoon, mostly because I've improved my animation style, and the recordings are a better quality (plus they don't make me sound like a three-year-old girl.)
So, yeah, I'll post more when anything interesting happens.
kqmwlwmwlwklwlwlwwlwlwlwllwlwlwwlwllwl wlwlwwll
-The Animator

To Update My Update..

2009-01-03 13:19:59 by NerdvanaStudios

So, I've been working on improving my animating skillz as previously mentioned. I've mostly been trying out a way more advanced style of lip syncing. That has gone very well so far. Unfortunately, my computer was hit by a virus, so I might lose all my files, which sucks. But I was planning on redoing most of what I've worked on so far, so animation-wise, I'm cool. But I may have to redesign the Nerdvana Studios logo, Because when I drew it, I didn't write down any of the fonts or colors that I used.
In an unrelated note, I saw the Will Smith movie Seven Pounds (it was pretty weird, and REALLY hard to follow.)
So, yeah, that's all the news for right now.
Watch out for acid rain.
-The Animator

Hey. So it's been about a month since I uploaded "1-19-08." It got a pretty good score (despite the crappy sound) and I've since decided to put my next animation on hold until I improve my animation style and drawing. I've been working on a sort of retro-1950s style for the background, and I've added eyelids to my characters. Also, (due to the large amount of complaints I got) I've decided to avoid long pauses. So for a start, I've been animating a character turning his head and blinking. It's not much, but it's a start. So, yeah, that's what I've been up to. Sorry for the short post, and I'll try to post more as events commence.
I still can't think of a witty closing line.
-The Animator